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  Non-Paid Virtual Internship at the U.S. Journal of Academics

  • Interested in interning with a U.S.-based company in the comfort of your own home?
  • Want to help promote international education and global understanding?
  • Interested in emerging technologies like mobile web browsing?
  • Need to enhance your CV / resume with real work experience?
  • Need academic credit for an internship?

If your answer was yes to any of those questions, then the U.S. Journal of Academics may have a great internship for you! Have a look at the latest development of's Virtual Internship Team: Stay tuned...

Violeta Zaneva, Intern, Summer 2004 Violeta Zaneva was selected for the program in May, 2004. We appreciate her promotional efforts within her native country of Bulgaria, and in fact, throughout the world. Thank you, Violeta!

The U.S. Journal of Academics reviews applications from anyone with an interest in new technologies and global marketing. This unpaid Virtual Internship is conducted solely online, and can be completed at the convenience of the intern (within a specific time frame). Communication with the Project Manager typically occurs via e-mail and / or scheduled chats.

For more information about the U.S. Journal, please review About Us.

Sunitha Shenoi, who began interning for the U.S. Journal of Academics in the Spring of 2003, is originally from India. She is currently enrolled at the State University of West Georgia. As an international student herself, Sunitha provides a valuable perspective to the work we do here at We appreciate her prompt responses to practically any request we have. Thanks, Sunitha! Sunitha Shenoi, Intern, Autumn 2003


Anyone is eligible. We prefer to work with globally-minded people who are also tech-savvy in terms of navigating the Internet and other emerging technologies. At this point, we're particularly interested in bi-linguists to assist us with driving more traffic to our independent sister sites:

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How to Apply:

Complete the form, and send a CV / Resume to Please mention if you intend to earn academic credit for the internship.

The general process that occurs after the form is sent is as follows:

  1. An automated response is generated, explaining the general concept, and inviting further correspondence with Ms. Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck, the owner of the U.S. Journal of Academics.
  2. If the student is not interested, no further correspondence is generated.
  3. If the student is interested, he / she forwards a CV / Resume and more specific information about their interests and expectations.
  4. Ms. Darrup-Boychuck then matches the interests of the students with the current objectives of the company, with regard to database development, global online promotions, translations of content, or other issues that surface periodically.
  5. Via correspondence online, Ms. Darrup-Boychuck assigns a very specific task list for the intern.
  6. The intern completes those tasks at his / her convenience (usually within a broad time frame), and submits specific files to Ms. Darrup-Boychuck to upload into the system. (Direct access to the company's files is never allowed for obvious security purposes.)
  7. The intern benefits from adding appropriate portions of to his / her portfolio. Perhaps the greatest advantage for the intern is the rapport Ms. Darrup-Boychuck establishes with him / her, so that she's able to provide an honest and thorough reference for him / her during the intern's employment interview process with another company. She has highly recommended several interns; that recommendation has provided a critical element in their actual job offer.

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  • Reference for CV / Resume: One of the most valuable parts of the internship is the enhancement of the intern's portfolio / CV / Resume. Often, Project Managers serve as important references for interns when they launch their job search.
Kevin Balog joined the U.S. Journal of Academics as an intern for the Autumn Semester of 2001, while he was studying Computer and Information Science at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. Kevin introduced us to a very valuable computer program that allows us to efficiently manage our databases, which are growing quickly. We've been delighted to serve as references for Kevin in the years following his experience with us. He now works as Data Coordinator for the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and is pursuing graduate studies in Statistics, Measurement and Research Technology at Penn. Congratulations, Kevin! Kevin Balog, Intern, Autumn 2001
  • Academic Credit: If academic credit will be received for the internship, the terms may be dictated by the intern's academic advisor's specifications (length of time, number of hours per week, etc.).

  • No Relocation Required: The Virtual Internship is completely online, so it is never necessary for our interns to come to our main office, situated in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania.

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Sample Projects: has had about a dozen Virtual Interns from all over the world as well as from the USA. Some of the countries / U.S. states have been Belarus, Beijing, Boston and Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania (the nearest town to us with a university), as well as New York City, Tokyo, Mexico City and the Ukraine. The interns have worked on projects involving database management, global online promotions and web / graphic development, and some specialize in professional translations. The one commonality among them is their passion for integrating technology into the promotion of U.S. education.

Samples of particular Virtual Internship projects:

  • Multi-lingual translations of our content, specifically designed for particular language markets
  • Integrating ODBC (a database language) into our current MySQL system, for easier evaluation of statistics
  • Global search engine promotions and worldwide viral marketing campaigns

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More Details:

The Virtual Internship has been active since the year 2000, with great success! It is designed on a per-project basis, based on the capabilities of each intern and the immediate needs of the U.S. Journal of Academics at the time. All but one of our internships began as un-paid positions. We decide whether to offer the intern a paid position after he / she has proven himself / herself to us over the course of several months.

The U.S. Journal of Academics has been extremely pleased with the contributions of the Virtual Interns over the past few years. Of course, not every applicant is well-suited for the job, so the program has been structured in a way that doesn't waste time for anyone involved.

The U.S. Journal of Academics is a small company, located in a provincial, former coal-mining town in Pennsylvania. We recognize the power of the internet in terms of identifying the most skilled colleagues from around the world. For our first major overhaul of the website a few years ago, Ms. Darrup-Boychuck went online to a database-oriented bulletin board to post a very specific job opportunity designed to re-build our database system. We received a wide range of bids from all over the world. We decided to hire a gentleman from Belarus, who has never disappointed us, and who continues to be an integral part of our company.

Another example that bodes well for the future of the Virtual Internship Program: In early January 2003, Ms. Darrup-Boychuck posted very specific job listings online for bi-lingual HTML developers. Within one week, she had assigned all nine non-English language translations for our new independent sister domains. We've been quite pleased with the results.

We will continue this Virtual Internship program for as long as necessary, since it is mutually beneficial for us, as well as the interns!

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