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  Voice of America Welcomes Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck of

Former VOA Host Carol Pearson with Cheryl in the studio in February, 2001

U.S. Journal's CEO Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck appeared as VOA's Special Guest more than a dozen times since the year 2000. On Monday, 1 September 2003, Talk to America host Mary Tillotson welcomed David Clayton of The Princeton Review and Carole Al-Kahouaji of the Rock Creek International School. The group discussed differences in education systems around the world. They concluded that non-U.S. countries tend to better serve the younger students, while U.S. colleges, universities and English language programs offer the best higher education in the world. Cheryl briefly reviewed details about enrolling in those excellent programs based in the United States, and highlighted a few specific examples.

Cheryl appears regularly on Voice of America's Talk to America program, which is broadcast LIVE from Washington, D.C. She addresses international student admissions issues to a worldwide audience who tunes in via radio, television, and the internet. Voice of America is a great platform to promote the United States' industry of international education, the U.S. Journal of Academics, and all of our sponsors!

We appreciate the opportunity to discuss important trends in international student recruitment in the United States. The overseas callers are always eager for details about student visas, financial aid and scholarships, pre-admission testing and specific campuses that feature their preferred academic programs.

We're delighted to showcase the sponsors that support -- and we continue to learn more about each sponsoring program so we can make even more specific recommendations on future broadcasts. As a matter of fact, we invite all of our advertisers to send us their videos (in both Beta and VHS formats) for possible use in upcoming shows.
Former VOA Host Rick Panteleo with Cheryl in September, 2000
Cheryl with former VOA Executive Producer Irina Burgener At, we're building on the momentum generated by the VOA broadcasts. We're dedicated to constantly exploring creative ways to enhance our exposure overseas in every effective medium. One enhancement derived directly from the VOA appearances involves the production of our MP3 audio files. International students have the opportunity to easily forward these informative files to their friends and family members who may also be interested in studying in the USA.

During our appearance on Voice of America in February 2001, the Chinese Branch Chief asked us to contribute to his ongoing special Youth and Education segment. Visit the U.S. Journal for all of the latest developments in yet another value-added service, for both prospective overseas students as well as our sponsoring institutions! Stay tuned to this page, as we'll announce Cheryl's next appearance soon. William Baum (Chief of VOA's Chinese Bureau) with Cheryl