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July 2005 
Language Translations: The Future is Now

Learn more in the USA  Earlier this month, Harvard Business School's Working Knowledge newsletter reminded readers of just how complicated, on a personal level, globalization can be. On the one hand, the world seems small and interconnected, thanks to high-speed technology, travel, and communications. On the other hand, beneath a deceptive veneer of familiarity, cultural gulfs and local differences often remain hidden.

At, we believe one of the most critical local differences is language. High-quality, human (as opposed to machine-generated) translations online provide a warm, thoughtful welcome: Come on in. Let's talk...

Thankfully, more U.S. campuses are recognizing the value of translations as a clear indication of their commitment to internationalization. One prime example is University of the Incarnate Word, one of's newest advertisers, who showcases seven language translations from their home page.

There's no need to look very far for examples from other top thought leaders. Google currently features more than 100 different interface languages: They continue to expand support for non-English languages; in the past few months, Gmail added services for speakers of Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Polish.

Yahoo! features 32 different language sites, including those especially created for Chinese speakers in the U.S., Russian speakers in the U.S., Spanish speakers in the U.S., and French speakers in Canada.

Learn more about's multi-lingual capabilities in a dozen different language markets. Our deadlines are rolling, but we'd be delighted to help you positively impact this upcoming enrollment cycle:

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