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October 2005 
Frequently Asked Questions about our Translations

Multi-lingual Campaigns at and our sister sites provide an excellent (and easy) way to bolster your presence in the propitious global student market online. Our professional translations:

  • May be used (i.e., cut and pasted and / or linked) by the advertiser for other promotions, in print or online
  • May be formatted with your header and footer, to provide visual consistency with your .edu domain
  • Entitle the advertiser to other special services offered by throughout the year, for no additional charge
  • Feature substantial discounts for four or more translations
  • Include complimentary Internal Links / Rotating Banners from our corresponding independent sister domain

Learn more about our reasonably-priced promotional opportunities which feature rolling deadlines:

Answers to FAQs / Reasons for Reluctance

How much does it cost?
Four Asian language translations / annual promotions (such as Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Thai) plus an English campaign costs just $5,667. Any combination of four language translations qualifies for our 30 percent discount.

How would we communicate with the non-English speakers, if we don't have full-time staff fluent in those languages?
That challenge has been overcome in a number of creative ways. We are willing to provide contact information of native-speaking colleagues (on your behalf) within your non-English Profile Page; one example is Liberty University's Korean Profile: Another alternative is to use cost-effective and efficient services such as LanguageLine, which offers high-quality, fast-access telephone interpreters on a pay-per-call basis.

We don't have time to take full advantage of the translations.
Let us know how we can help you. For example, we can format the translations with your header and footer, so you can maintain visual consistency with your .edu domain. We can also format your translations for print as well.

How do we get started?
Complete this pdf form: and fax it to 570-339-5634. We will invoice you, and start creating your campaign. Upon your approval of the English version, we'll send it to our Translation Teams.

Join us in Atlantic City: 9 November 2005

NAFSA Bi-Regional, Atlantic City, 9 November at 10:30 a.m.: Join us for an all-new eRecruitment Trends and Techniques session. Cheryl is also available to schedule individual meetings during the conference; contact
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