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April 2006 
Global Premier of 25 April 2006

Learn more in the USA  PlusDiscamus is a six-minute animated film about learning more. Our Virtual Internship Team created the short film to celebrate's 10th Anniversary Online.

The title PlusDiscamus comes from the Latin phrase for learn more. One of our Malaysian interns initially resisted: Do you think everyone will get it? Well, probably not. But our target market is not everyone. We want to target academically-gifted 18- to 60-year olds around the world -- those who have been exposed to advanced studies, perhaps including the Latin language. And it so happens that Latin is pretty hip these days:

Learn more is purposely broad, intended to invoke several interpretations:

  • To study further
  • To acquire more information
  • To gain more knowledge in the USA than you would in other countries, which reflects the increasingly competitive nature of international education

So what? Why is this important to you? We've heard colleagues complain that all of the good branding slogans have already been used. Not so; not by a long shot. We have the privilege of working in international education, where we can literally tap the world for fresh ideas. Still, in this age of identifying uniqueness among campuses, it might be time to harken back to your roots.

Learn more about how applies the latest techniques to support our exclusive list of advertisers. Review all of our promotional options:

Evolution in HTML Formatting

Have you noticed a different format of some popular sites lately, like or or The trend toward 3-column formatting reflects the increasing popularity of Internet users who surf the web via hand-held devices. Here are two examples of small-screen rendering:

How does your site display on the small screen? Let us know if we can help:

New Features of

Our popular fair schedule may now be sorted according to Organizer, Country, City or Date:

Our simple student selection page will soon include a geographic option for U.S. institutions with campuses outside of the United States. Current advertisers may contact to be included:

Cross Promotions: Like-minded Sites and Events
  • Studie Beurs - Scope on the Globe 2006 Education Fair: The Netherlands. Contact Janine Bekker, ph +31 (0) 20 664 61 27,, or
    • 11-14 October 2006: Utrecht, The Netherlands
    • 88,000 visitors and 300 exhibitors from over 20 countries

  • AEO / ICE Fall Asia Middle East (F.A.M.E.) Expo: Contact Husain Neemuchwala, ph +905-785-0764,, or
    • 2-20 Oct 2006: Kathmandu, New Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai

  • Oh! America Education Fairs: Contact Brian Hockertz at or
    • 21-24 Oct 2006: Taipei, Taichung, Kaoshiung
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