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February 2006's eRecruitment Consultations

Learn more in the USA  Only 23 percent of all Internet users currently live in North America. (That figure is expected to drop to 15 percent by 2015.) About 36 percent currently reside in Asia, and 24 percent in Europe.

Clearly, the Internet represents an enormous opportunity for international student recruiters. But how do you know which techie bandwagon to ride?'s Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck will shed some light on the latest trends and techniques in this dynamic business. There are a number of ways you can learn more:

* NAFSA's eRecruitment Webinar, Wed, 22 Feb, Online

* Academic Impressions' Conference, Thurs, 23 Mar, San Diego

* Intensive Consultations, On Campus, On Demand (two 4-hour sessions)

* Phone Consultations, Online, On Demand (one 2-hour session)

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