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June 2006 
eRecruitment: A Dynamic S.W.O.T. Analysis

At the NAFSA Conference in Montreal last week, a number of colleagues asked about our popular eRecruitment session. If you haven't done so already, let us know if you would like Cheryl to submit a proposal to present our all-new eRecruitment: A Dynamic S.W.O.T. Analysis at your regional conference this Autumn. A sneak peek:

Strengths: Low-cost. Far reach. Can integrate well into current promotional activities. Better (though not perfect) tracking mechanisms.

Weaknesses: Electronic communication is not universal. Only about 17 percent (or about one billion people) of the world's current population has regular online connectivity. The second billion users (expected to come online by 2015) will be less affluent than the first billion early adopters. (How will you deal with all the forthcoming requests for financial aid? We'll offer an easy, effective and practical solution.)

Opportunities: The ability to segment your markets and messages, based on variables such as geography and language. (Only about 30 percent of all current online users speak English as a native language.)

Threats: The temptation to over-engineer your site without regard to use-ability standards. Cyber security. Privacy concerns. (Be sure to download the session notes from Don't Get Hacked! available soon at

The conference was extremely productive for Our one-on-one and small group meetings validated the way we do business year-round. We were delighted to receive several un-anticipated answers to our question, What else can we do for you? As such, our services will continue to evolve. Stay tuned!

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