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June 2006 
Lost Opportunities; The World is Round

How many qualified students abandon their dreams to study at your campus, simply because they can't get the answers they need when they need them?

Probably more than you think. A lot more.

We may never know, for example, how many good leads got trapped in your spam filters, or how many students left your site in frustration because they couldn't find your phone number. But the most effective way to analyze the problem is to experiment along the spectrum of available technologies, starting at the far end of person-to-person correspondence.

Case in point: Multi-lingual campaigns are booming, with good reason. Less than one-third of the world's Internet users are native English speakers these days. But a translated profile page is only the beginning.

Do you have your inquiry form translated as well, or does it make more sense to filter out those students who can't navigate a form in English? One consequence of having the forms translated is that more students are more likely to complete the form, meaning more inquiries. But more isn't always better. In some cases, it may be quite appropriate for the student to abandon that particular dream early in the process.

Our advice: Simply let prospective students know what to expect next. We can't blame a student for expecting to continue to correspond in their language, unless they're explicitly told that future correspondence will be in English.

The World is Round: Many people make a fundamental error when they argue that brute connectivity will level the playing field... They're confusing information with knowledge. Knowledge results from the assimilation and connecting of information through experience... (which is precisely why global student mobility is on the rise) -- Harvard Business Review, April 2006, pg 18.

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