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October 2006 
Know your friends: Co-opitition in International Education

In business, as in conflict, Know thyself and Know your enemy have long been rules number one and two. But a third maxim -- Know your friends -- is steadily moving up the list.

Harvard Business Review's September 2006 article, With Friends Like These: The Art of Managing Complementors ( offers case studies about Microsoft, Intel, Apple and others. Google's recent alliances with eBay, Viacom / MTV / Nickelodeon, Dell, Intuit, MySpace (to name a few) have been widely documented, as the media company evolves as an enormously effective partner / enabler / distributor.

International educators can glean valuable lessons when considering their global promotional campaigns, which increasingly involve more variables (i.e., online advertising, overseas fair participation, agent relationships...).

For example:'s fundamental services revolve around the Internet, and generating qualified inquiries for our advertisers. But we also seek synergies with other respected players in global student mobility. Cases in point:

Stay tuned. We'll report on other cases of synergistic relationships, both inside and outside of Here's a sneak peek of a few common threads:

  • and Online Funds Verification
  • Multi-Lingual Software Packages for non-U.S. Consortia
  • Cigarettes and International Education Promotion Participation in NAFSA Regionals: C.E.O. Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck is co-presenting an all-new session, eRecruitment: A Dynamic S.W.O.T. Analysis at four NAFSA Regional Conferences this November:

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Cross Promotions: Like-minded Sites and Events

a2 International Education Fairs: Contact Serena Olmezoglu, or

  • 4 - 8 Nov 2006: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir (Turkey)
  • 11 - 12 Nov 2006: Almaty (Kazakhstan)
  • 11 - 15 Apr 2007: Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul (Turkey)
  • 27 - 28 Apr 2007: Casablanca (Morocco)

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The ICEF Berlin Workshop: Contact Harald Kreiner, tel +49 (0) 228 201 1946, or

  • 5 - 7 Nov 2006, Hotel InterContinental, Berlin (Germany)
  • More than 700 education agents from 80 countries worldwide (1,200 event participants)

The ICEF Americas Workshop: Contact Harald Kreiner, tel +49 (0) 228 201 1946, or

  • 3 - 5 Dec 2006, Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami (USA)
  • More than 200 education agents from around the world (special focus on Latin America)

3rd International Fair of Education: Contact Olivera Zikic, or

  • 30 Nov - 2 Dec 2006: Novi Sad, Serbia

5th Washington International Education Conference: Contact or

  • 22 - 23 Jan 2007: Washington, D.C.
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