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April 2007 
Inbound Influencers

During an impromptu brainstorming session earlier this week, one of our colleagues described his ultimate scenario for effectively recruiting international students: Wouldn't it be great if there was a service that coordinated U.S. campus visits for non-U.S. colleagues who influenced relatively large numbers of prospective students (perhaps carefully-screened agents or study abroad advisors or high school counselors)? The objective would be more direct than other seemingly similar services, sponsored by the government. Of course we would want to familiarize our guests with the nuances of U.S. higher education, but these events would be geared toward enrolling particular students at particular campuses.

Does such a service currently exist? If not, is there a demand for it? How would such a service be structured?

There is an increasing number of individual U.S. campuses that host non-U.S. students, parents and those within their spheres of influence for a few days over the summer at sports camps, music camps, academic camps... with very positive Returns on Investment. Would it make sense to pool the resources of several U.S. campuses, so that those influencers can make the most of their trips to the States?

Hosting inbound influencers wouldn't necessarily replace overseas trips, but they certainly can complement them. And arranging accommodations and meals for a few days would be much less expensive and less stressful than being out of the office for a few weeks.

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Measuring Return on Investment: On Thursday, 31 May at 2 p.m. in Minneapolis, we will unveil results from a number of qualitative interviews that focused on that particular challenge. Look for an article about ROI in the May / June issue of International Educator, too.

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