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March 2007 
Did you know? Shift happens.

You've got to see this 6-minute video (about globalization and technology), which has been making the rounds via YouTube:

More food for thought, compliments of Harvard Business Review's Breakthrough Ideas for 2007, published in their February edition:

  • Living with Continuous Partial Attention: This adaptive behavior has emerged over the past two decades, in stride with Web-based and mobile computing. It involves constantly scanning the environment in an effort to miss nothing, assuming that personal bandwidth can match the endless bandwidth technology offers. A new style of softer, kinder, gentler marketing messages can effectively meet people's needs for relief from continuous partial attention and the sensory overload it creates.

  • When to Sleep on it: Recent studies found that the longer its participants thought about answers to questions, the more likely they were to include irrelevant information at the expense of relevant information. And the more information they factored in, the less accurate their predictions became. Conscious deliberation leads to sound decisions only when a very limited amount of information is involved. The unconscious mind is known to have a far greater processing capacity than your conscious mind.

  • Act Globally, Think Locally: This trend reverses a familiar adage: Whereas companies used to be told to think globally and act locally, adapting their global strategy to the needs of a particular locality, they must now act globally and think locally, harvesting knowledge from various localities and using it to shape their global strategy.

Schedule during NAFSA Week: If you haven't done so already, let us know if you'd like to meet during the NAFSA Conference in Minneapolis:

Measuring Return on Investment: Please join us on Thursday, 31 May at 2 p.m. in Minneapolis, as we unveil results from a number of qualitative interviews that focused on that particular challenge. Look for an article about ROI in the May / June issue of International Educator, too.
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