Introducing's Project: Think Link
  • Offer your site visitors an easy way to search for U.S. campuses that specifically seek to welcome them -- from Harvard Summer School to the University of California: Santa Cruz to Green River Community College in Washington State -- and many highly-rated academic programs in between.
  • Take advantage of's extensive database of U.S. academic programs: U.S. universities, colleges, English language programs, internships, short-term training, and professional development opportunities.
  • All prospective student data generated from any Think Link-coded page is fed into an Excel Report, and automatically sent to the Think Link participant on a monthly or quarterly basis. A customize-able Automated Response is also available, where any of the user's input may be included.
  • Customize the simple student selection page to maintain visual consistency with your current site. Here's an example of how we're providing results for in Japanese and Korean.
  • Participating sites can either link directly or embed our special code into their current format.
  • The Project is available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Thai, Portuguese, Indonesian, French, or German.
  • Select preferences from the criteria below to learn more about the search mechanism.
  • The service is free, so contact Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck at to get started today!

A sophisticated (and exclusive) search function such as Project: Think Link will certainly add value to websites serving global-minded students and clients, whether they would like to enhance their English skills online, or participate in professional development courses stateside, or a whole host of other U.S. academic options. And it's a simple and effective way to capture important information about your site visitors.

There is no charge for adding the search function to your site. Just let us know if you'd like to proceed, and web developers from the U.S. Journal will create a page (in English or other languages) for your webmaster to include in your site.

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