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Emporia State University, Kansas
Emporia State University
International Education
1200 Commercial Street
P.O. Box 4041
Emporia, Kansas 66801

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Emporia State University, Kansas

Emporia State University (ESU) is a comprehensive state-supported university for local, regional, and international students who want a personalized education that prepares them for fulfilling lives and successful careers. Emporia State University offers a safe, caring, nurturing environment in a close-knit community devoted to learning, that provides every student with abundant opportunities for growth, involvement, and leadership.

Why Choose Emporia State University?

  • Affordable tuition and living costs
  • Safe, friendly campus and community
  • Easy access to three major metropolitan areas --
    Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita
  • Located in the Midwest U.S. -- America's Heartland
  • Multilevel Intensive English Program
  • Exciting Athletics and Special Events
  • Outstanding Academic and Degree Programs
  • School of Business with AACSB International Accreditation
  • Kansas Business Hall of Fame
  • National Teacher Hall of Fame
Emporia State University, Kansas

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Emporia State University, Kansas

Academic Programs at Emporia State University: Founded in 1863, ESU is a fully-accredited university offering 188 bachelor and master degree programs through its College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the Teacher's College, and a Ph.D. through the School of Library and Information Management.

  • School of Business (accredited by AACSB International): As a graduate of an AACSB-accredited university such as ESU, you are assured of a concentrated and diversified curriculum taught by highly qualified faculty. Accredited schools also provide access to the best job placement opportunities upon graduation.

  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: The arts and sciences disciplines are the foundations of academic tradition, and represent both the substance and process of the U.S. higher education curriculum. They equip the student with vital links to the past and future, with the skills and insights necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing society, and with the learning essential to effective citizenship.

  • School of Library and Information Management: Founded in 1902, the School of Library and Information Management is the only school accredited by the American Library Association in a twelve-state area. Tradition and innovation form the foundation of a friendly and supportive learning environment, with a reputation for graduating outstanding library leaders and information professionals.

  • The Teachers College: Emporia State University is one of four model teacher preparation colleges in the USA. Professional programs are carefully designed to reflect the current knowledge base, including existing and envisioned practices in constituent institutions and clearly delineated models. Curricular coherence is strengthened through faculty study and dialogue on purpose, course content, and intended student-learning outcomes.

Emporia State University, Kansas

Intensive English Program (IEP): The IEP at Emporia State University is designed to aid students who need to improve their English skills before entering an academic classroom. IEP offers both intermediate and advanced level courses in Reading, Grammar, Writing and Speaking. ESU does not currently offer a beginning level course. Students whose language ability is at the beginning level will be placed into the intermediate level classes. While this can be challenging, the beginning level student who works hard often passes into the advanced level classes at the same time as their intermediate level classmates.

The duration of time to complete the Intensive English Program is based on the English Proficiency Test score and the student's performance in class. Intermediate level students usually complete the program in two semesters, and advanced level students complete it in one semester. Students may be allowed to enroll in one or more academic classes while enrolled in IEP, depending on their placement scores.

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The Office of International Education: More than 300 students from over 40 countries are enrolled at Emporia State University each semester. The international students enrich the university's academic atmosphere and provide cultural diversity to the campus community.

All non-U.S. residents holding F-1 or J-1 visas who attend ESU are classified as international students. The Office of International Education handles all admission correspondence with prospective international students, reviews and evaluates foreign transcripts and credentials, and issues all government exchange and immigration forms. The office also conducts regular enrollment / registration sessions, and offers an ongoing Orientation to American Society course, an Intensive English Program, and study abroad opportunities for American students through several exchange programs.

The Office of International Education provides a wide variety of cultural programs for the campus and the Emporia community. These special events are planned with a number of campus organizations to promote the development of understanding among peoples of the world. Examples of events sponsored throughout the year include: the international food festival, global trivia contest, talent and fashion shows, cultural displays, dinners, dances, films, international sports competitions and guest speakers.

Emporia State University, Kansas

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Location, in America's Heartland: Emporia State University is located in east-central Kansas. The city of Emporia -- with a population of nearly 30,000 people -- has an industrial, educational, trade and medical center serving more than 65,000 people. Emporia enjoys an outstanding location due to its proximity and easy access to three major metropolitan areas: Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita. The downtown area is a short walk from the campus, and offers convenient shopping, banking, and dining.

Emporia has cultural, educational, and recreational facilities including two libraries, a museum, nine public schools, a technical college, a community recreation center, golf courses, a zoo, sports fields, a 1,200-acre park system, and seven nearby lakes and reservoirs. Organizations such as the Emporia Arts Council, Emporia Sports Promotion, Inc., and the Emporia Recreation Commission coordinate many special events throughout the year. Kansas has four colorful seasons.

We look forward to welcoming you to Emporia State University in Kansas! For more info, review all of our programs and select the ones that interest you. Then complete the inquiry form, and we'll respond to you directly.