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Saginaw Valley State University is located in University Center, Michigan.
Saginaw Valley
State University
International Programs
7400 Bay Road
University Center,
Michigan 48710

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Amount Required on I-20:
US$18,400: Undergraduate
US$19,063: Graduate
US$16,120: ESL

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Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) in Michigan is home to approximately 10,000 students, including more than 350 international students from 50 countries. Our state of the art campus, highly accredited programs, safe and modern residence halls, international student scholarships and small class sizes are just some of the reasons international students find SVSU to be a wise decision for their futures.

The Office of International Programs (OIP) is the center of what makes SVSU special for each of our international students. Our staff provides personal attention to individual international students (free of charge), beginning with your admission to SVSU to the time we meet you at the Saginaw airport (code MBS), until the day you are ready to graduate from SVSU. The OIP provides personal assistance to students for orientation, immigration, and insurance and health issues as well as advice on personal, academic and financial issues. We provide bi-weekly shopping trips, transportation for medical appointments, and organize several fun activities and visits to local attractions every semester.

Academic Programs: At SVSU, we feature 66 academic disciplines for undergraduates leading to Bachelor degrees. At the graduate level, SVSU offers nine Master degree programs. We also have an excellent Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) Program for students wishing to concentrate on enhancing their English skills.

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Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

English Language Program: Saginaw Valley State University offers full-time, intensive English language training for students who need to improve their English ability. The ELP courses feature:

  • 4 intakes per year: January, May, June, and August
  • 24 hours of classroom study each week
  • Small classes (maximum class size is 15 students)
  • Faculty members with Masters Degrees in ESL (English as a Second Language) or related areas

The ELP offers four levels of instruction in each of the following subject areas:

  • Reading and Writing (8 hours per week)
  • Listening and Speaking (8 hours per week)
  • Grammar and Special Topics (8 hours per week)

Classes meet from 8:30 a.m. - 3:40 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Workshops on pronunciation, U.S. culture, grammar, computer programs and special activities and trips are scheduled on Fridays throughout the semester.

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Undergraduate (Bachelor Degree) Programs: SVSU offers a full range of undergraduate degree programs including General Education (liberal studies component). More than 60 Bachelor degree programs are offered in five Colleges. SVSU's faculty is teaching-focused, which means their promotion and tenure is based primarily on their classroom teaching ability. Class sizes are small, with an average of 24 students per class at the undergraduate level and 15 for graduate courses. No classes are taught by teaching assistants, and students have ample opportunity to connect with their professors. Most classes integrate online course management tools to supplement to classroom instruction. (Click here for a list of majors.)

  • The College of Arts and Behavioral Sciences
  • The College of Business and Management
  • The College of Education
  • The College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences
  • The College of Science, Engineering and Technology

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The Office of International Programs' Staff at Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

Graduate (Master Degree) Programs: Saginaw Valley State University offers nine Master degree programs with a variety of specializations. Conditional admission is available in all graduate programs for students studying English at the English Language Program.

Academic Program Required
Credit Hours
MBA (Master of Business Administration) 525 / 197
GMAT 450
CDMD (Master of Arts in Communications and Digital Media) 525 / 197 30
MS HL (Master of Science in Health Leadership) 525 / 197 32 - 33
MAS (Master of Arts in Administrative Science) 525 / 197 30
MSOT (Master of Science in Occupational Therapy) 525 / 197 34
MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) 585 / 197
43 - 50
M.Ed. (Master of Education)
MAT (Master of Art in Teaching)
MAIT (Master of Arts in Instructional Technology)
Ed.S. (Educational Specialist)
525 / 197 M.Ed. (33)
MAT (36)
MAIT (36)
Ed.S. (30)

For more information about graduate programs, please contact SVSU's Office of Graduate Admissions at

Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

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Admission Requirements: The SVSU Office of International Programs focuses on making the application process as fast and efficient as possible for the student. Applicants can connect with an Admissions Officer as soon as they apply to answer any questions they may have about the application process, including required documents and procedures. For the most current information about SVSU's admission procedures, please select your academic preferences and complete the inquiry form. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate department: Undergraduate and English Language Program inquiries are sent to the Office of International Programs, and graduate inquiries are sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions. Canadian students and U.S. residents should apply directly through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

English Requirements: Undergraduate admission to SVSU requires either a TOEFL score of at least 500 (173 computer-based, 61 Internet-based), IELTS band 5.5, or successful completion of SVSU's English Language Program. Graduate TOEFL admission scores are 525 (paper), 197 computer-based or 71 Internet-based. A TOEFL score is not necessary to be conditionally admitted to SVSU, and students with a score below 500 may also be conditionally admitted to SVSU's undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Undergraduate students must take Basic Skills placement in Reading, Writing and Math upon arrival at SVSU.

Transfer of Credit: The Office of Registrar at SVSU will consider transfer credit from an American or foreign institution on a case-by-case basis. Please send official transcripts and course descriptions (and accompanying English translations) with your application form.

Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

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Estimated Expenses for the 2007 - 2008 Academic Year
A full academic year includes Fall and Winter Semesters, from August through May.

  English Language
(24 credit hours)
(24 credit hours)
(18 credit hours)
Tuition and Fees
based on full-time study
$8,280 $10,560 $11,196
On-Campus Housing
based on shared room
$3,470 $3,470 $3,470
Meals $1,800 $1,800 $1,800
Health Insurance (Mandatory) $570 $570 $570
Books, supplies, miscellaneous $2,000 $2,000 $2,000
Total Estimated Expenses
for one academic year
$16,120 $18,400 $19,036

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities: SVSU offers one of the most competitive tuition rates in the United States, and we now offer scholarship opportunities for international students as well. The President's International Student Scholarship is now available to international student applicants at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This prestigious competitive scholarship awards $4,000 per academic year (two semesters) at the undergraduate level, and may be continuously awarded depending on GPA for up to four years (eight semesters) for up to $16,000. The President's International Graduate Student Scholarship offers $6,000 per academic year (two semesters) and may also be continued for the second year of study if a 3.0 GPA is maintained. For students who do not receive a scholarship upon admission to SVSU, the President's International Student Grants are available for second-year students at SVSU. Students interested in applying for scholarships may contact the Office of International Programs at

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Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

Calendar: You should plan to apply approximately two months before your start date in order to ensure your I-20 is received in time for you to get a visa and make other arrangements for your studies at SVSU.

Session Orientation Begins Classes Begin Exams End
Fall mid to late August late August mid December
Winter early January mid January early May
Spring early May to mid May mid May late June
Summer late June early July mid August

Location of Saginaw Valley State University: Michigan is located in the Midwest section of the United States, between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Detroit, located in the southeastern part of the state, is known as the capital of the automobile industry. Michigan is also well known for its natural beauty.

Saginaw Valley State University is in the center of Michigan, within a triangle formed by Bay City, Midland and Saginaw, an area with a total population of nearly 400,000. The area's largest employers are General Motors and Dow Chemical, which employ more than 23,000 people in the area.

SVSU is just a 15-minute drive from the MBS (Saginaw, Michigan) Airport. The major shopping district of Saginaw is only a five-minute drive from the University. Detroit is two hours by car. Chicago, Illinois, is five hours away, and Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada, are six hours away by car.

Saginaw Valley State University is located on a beautiful park-like setting and it is one of the safest campuses in Michigan. With more than 70 percent of the campus having been built in the past 15 years, SVSU boasts one of the most modern campuses in the midwestern United States. SVSU's on-campus residence halls have been ranked as the best in Michigan, and feature kitchens with cooking facilities in the apartment-style housing units. In addition to being able to cook in their apartments, students have a wide array of meal plan choices from Dining Services, including food courts and cafeterias located throughout campus.

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Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

Housing / Accommodations: SVSU is fortunate to have several different types of modern and convenient housing on campus. Most units are apartment-style housing with full kitchens. All units are fully furnished and include phones, cable TV and Internet connections. A $200 housing pre-payment is required for housing placement. Several students choose to live off campus in local apartments. Inquire for more information.

Student Services at Saginaw Valley State University: SVSU is committed to providing a modern education using various kinds of technology. Most classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors, padcams and many classes are taught using online supplemental platforms. Campus features include:

  • 20 computer labs with more than 1,100 computers
  • Cafeteria and convenient snack stations around campus
  • Fitness Center
  • Olympic- size pool
  • Library
  • Health Services (Nurse)
  • Convenience Store
  • Coffee Shop
  • Bank
  • Bookstore
  • Post Office
Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

Academic Support: We want to help students succeed in their classes once they are admitted to SVSU. Along with personal assistance offered to all international students from the Office of International Programs, SVSU offers a comprehensive array academic support facilities, technology and tutors free of charge to our students.

  • Writing Center: Offers help with writing papers, organizing ideas, and checking grammar
  • Math Center: Offers help with math placement tests, math course assignments and tests
  • Student Technology Center: Offers help with web and graphic design projects
  • Academic Advising: Offers help with course placement and tutoring for SVSU courses

Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

Information for Parents: Why should you send your daughter and / or son to SVSU? A few key reasons:

  • One of the safest campuses in America, with a peaceful and comfortable environment.
  • SVSU is a mid-sized public university with a total student enrollment of approximately 10,000 students.
  • All SVSU offices are committed to providing personal attention to all international students, and students normally find assistance with their needs immediately.
  • Classes are taught by professors (not graduate students).
  • Professors are primarily evaluated based on teaching ability.
  • Undergraduate research opportunities are available through close partnerships with local companies.
  • Low tuition fees, modern on-campus housing and low cost of living.
  • Access to technology, as well as a full range of academic support and health services.

We look forward to welcoming you to Saginaw Valley State University! To learn more, review all of our programs and select the ones that interest you. Then complete the inquiry form, and we'll respond to you directly.