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Seattle Central Community College is located in the state of Washington.
Seattle Central
Community College
1701 Broadway, SA 102
Seattle, Washington 98122

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Seattle Central Community College

At Seattle Central, diversity is real, and so are its benefits.

Seattle Central Community College is known nationally for its innovative educational and student service programs. Its 10,000 students (including approximately 600 international students) compose the state's most diverse community college group in age, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds. Coordinated studies programs and collaborative learning at the community college level were pioneered at Seattle Central, and are now used statewide.

The college's award-winning Mathematics and Science program was cited by the National Science Foundation for its excellence and innovation. The state's largest English as a Second Language Program is housed at Seattle Central. Seattle Central offers 37 two-year professional and technical education programs and a job placement rate of 85 percent for graduates.

Most of our college-level international students are in the College Transfer Program. After completing a two-year Bachelor of Arts / Sciences degree with good grades, they are able to transfer to universities in junior (third year) standing. Our students have transferred to universities all over the country such as Boston University, University of California - San Francisco, University of Arizona, UCLA, Michigan State University, University of Oregon, and, of course, the University of Washington.

Our programs are designed to satisfy a wide range of students, from those seeking to enhance their English proficiency to those interested in a short-term certificate, professional / technical degree, internship experience, or pursuing a university degree.

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Institute of English: The Seattle Central Institute of English (SCIE) is a dynamic school in an urban setting. SCIE serves approximately 300 students from all over the world offering over 25 courses in its different programs. All SCIE courses are taught by faculty with many years of experience and advanced degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language or a related field.

The Institute of English provides a variety of services, including free tutoring for SCIE students, on-site quarterly exams, and many different International Student Activities. Full-time programs include an Intensive English Program, Advanced English Electives, and English for Special Purposes. Academic Preparation Programs include the College Bridge Program and TOEFL Classes.

College Bridge Program: College Bridge is a program which allows advanced ESL to continue to develop their English skills while earning at least 13 college credits. (Students may choose to enroll in an additional credit classes based on prerequisites and availability. Additional tuition will be charged.)

Students take a placement test before classes begin and then register for the appropriate level. After successfully completing the Advanced level, students will enroll full-time at Seattle Central Community College without a TOEFL score. Students must apply for admission and be accepted to the College to study in the College Bridge program.

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Seattle Central Community College: TIME Magazine's 2001 College of the Year

TIME magazine, 10 September 2001

College Transfer Program (Associate's Degree): International Students planning to earn a bachelor's degree begin their college studies at SCCC. Many college transfer majors are available, including Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Music and other programs in the Arts and Sciences.

In the College Transfer program, students earn an Associate of Arts degree or an Associate of Science degree. As is the case with most community colleges in the U.S., SCCC does not offer any bachelor's, graduate, or post-graduate degree programs.

An associate's degree takes two years, or 90 credits, and is transferable to a four-year university. After students complete their associate's degree, they can transfer to a four-year college or university and complete a bachelor's degree by taking two more years of study in their major. Students appreciate our lower tuition cost and small classes. Community college tuition is less expensive than four-year colleges and universities, particularly if the four-year institution is private. International students who study at Seattle Central Community College for the first two years can save thousands of dollars.

Scholarships: Despite Seattle Central's low tuition, there is approximately $85,000 per year available to both new and current international students for scholarships. Scholarship awards range from $250 grants to $1,500 grants to one year of free tuition. Scholarships are also awarded in the form of Campus Work Experience, which allows students an opportunity to earn approximately $4,500 - $4,800 per academic year working up to 17 hours per week in on-campus jobs for three quarters. Campus Work Experience positions are tailor-made for each student, depending on individual skills, interests, and desired field of study.

Applicants to SCCC may submit applications for scholarships as soon as they have a completed admission application on file with SCCC. Completed scholarship applications must be received by the following deadlines:

  • 15 July: Fall Quarter
  • 30 October: Winter Quarter
  • 30 January: Spring Quarter
  • 15 April: Summer Quarter

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Professional / Technical: More than 32 different programs at the College provide students with practical career training in professional / technical fields. Depending on the chosen program, students work toward a certificate (approximately one year) or an Associate of Applied Science Degree (normally two years).

Since many of these programs are terminal and not transferable to four-year universities and colleges, students who wish to enroll in a certificate program rather than a degree program will have to apply for an M-1 visa. Please note that there are restrictions on the M-1 visa in length of stay, transferring programs, employment eligibility, practical training, and other areas.

Professional / Technical Programs are available in Arts and Design, Health / Medical, Wood Construction, Business and Technology, Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

Short-Term Certificates: Seattle Central offers short-term certificates ranging from two months to nine months in a wide variety of fields. Certificate program participants enroll in college classes with American students, and earn between 12 and 90 college credits in fields such as business, computing, fine arts, graphic design, biotechnology, modern communications, global studies and more. A part-time internship can be arranged as part of these certificate programs.

International Internship Program: The International Internship Program (IIP) is a 12-month program, including nine months of academic study (ESL and / or college), and a three-month internship experience in a local company. The program is an excellent opportunity for students to study in their field of interest and then directly apply their knowledge in a real-life work setting.

Candidates for the program who do not have the required English proficiency may study in the Intensive English Program prior to joining the International Internship Program. The program admits new students twice per year, for Fall or Spring Quarter. The main purpose of this program is to meet the needs of the individual student in his or her field of interest and expertise.

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High School Completion: International students at Seattle Central who did not finish secondary school now have the opportunity to receive a Washington State (U.S.) High School Diploma. Admission to the program depends on the English level of the participants. Students enrolled in the High School Completion Program satisfy the requirements for a Washington State High School Diploma while earning transferable college level credit. Through this program, students may choose to earn only their high school diploma, or to study for both the Associate of Arts (or science) degree and the high school diploma at the same time. The program is available to students 17 years of age or older.

Seattle Central Community College, Washington Other Options available through SCCC's Office of International Education: For students who are not interested in a Bachelor of Arts / Science degree, Seattle Central offers technical programs in more than 30 professions such as Nursing, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Graphic Design and Illustration, Graphic Imaging and Printing Technology, Commercial Photography, Culinary Arts, or Apparel Design.

The only community college located in downtown Seattle: Seattle Central is located on Capitol Hill, a five-minute walk to the central downtown area. Its Broadway neighborhood is one of the city's liveliest, with more than 60 ethnic and regional restaurants and shops, three movie theatres and lots of night life.

Seattle: Seattle boasts a reputation for cultural diversity in a geographically beautiful setting. The city's leisure offerings, including outdoor activities such as skiing, boating, golf and bicycling, have helped earn Seattle recognition on many national lists for being one of the most livable cities. In addition, Seattle is one of the country's leading centers of biotechnology, the software capital of the world, a major center in the aerospace industry, and is a leader in numbers of health / medical research institutions.

We look forward to welcoming you to Seattle Central Community College! To learn more, review all of our programs and select the ones that interest you. Then complete the inquiry form, and we'll respond to you directly.