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Southern Illinois University - Carbondale: The Center for English as a Second Language, Illinois
The Center for English
as a Second Language,
Southern Illinois
University Carbondale
1000 Faner Drive
Mail Code 4518
Carbondale, Illinois 62901

ph: 618-453-2265
fx: 618-453-6527

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The Center for English as a Second Language at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Illinois

In 2006, the Princeton Review named Southern Illinois University - Carbondale on its list of Best Colleges in the Midwestern Region of the United States.

About the Center for English as a Second Language: For more than 42 years, the Center for English as a Second Language has been providing effective instructional programs for non-native speakers of English, most of whom plan to enter degree programs at the undergraduate or graduate level at Southern Illinois University Carbondale or at other colleges and universities in the United States. Students enjoy small class sizes and individualized attention in a beautiful natural environment. Nearly 22,000 international students have chosen to study English and have fun at CESL. We invite you to come learn English with us.

CESL is a proud member of UCIEP, a consortium of university and college Intensive English Programs. All programs within this consortium have met high standards to ensure that students receive the most advanced methods of intensive English instruction from trained, professional instructors.

The Center for English as a Second Language at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Illinois Interested?

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CESL Program Overview

Intensive English: Instruction in English pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar is offered from beginning through advanced levels of study. Additional courses include News Talk, Novel / Film, Presentations, Grammar and Poetry, Fun with Idioms, Business English and American Culture. Classes at all levels meet from 20 to 25 hours per week.

Academic Study Skills: Intensive instruction in Level 4 through Level 6 prepares students for American university life. Students learn reading, writing and study strategies, research strategies, how to take lecture notes, how to use the library, and how to write research papers.

Graduate Student English (GSE): This special course is for graduate students who lack the requisite TOEFL score for full graduate school admission. Many departments at SIUC accept a passing score in GSE in lieu of the requisite TOEFL score. Activities include oral reports, research papers, critical reviews, and specialized readings associated with the individual student's major field of study as well as specific pronunciation and intonation guidance.

Business English: This course is offered at the beginning of each semester to students in our highest proficiency levels. The goal is to help students improve their language skills while also preparing for business degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate. Case studies and business texts are used for business language and jargon; students receive guidance on making professional presentations, leading discussion and improving their speaking skills.

Language Media Center: Computer-assisted language learning is available to all levels of study, in our Language Media Center 12 hours per day.

CESL Writing Lab: CESL's own computer Writing Lab is used by CESL writing classes, and is available for student use at other times of the day and evening.

Observing Academic Classes: Students at advanced levels may register to participate as observers in any regular University class of their choice.

TOEFL Preparation: Students in Level 4 through Level 6 can take a special TOEFL class designed to help those who wish to improve their test-taking skills.

Customized Programs for Special Groups: Language instruction may be designed and offered on request to special groups (e.g. business executives, airline pilots, nurses, hotel managers). Any number of participants, length of study and interest area can be accommodated.

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Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Illinois

CESL Schedule and Approximate Costs

  Begin Dates End Dates
Spring Semester (8-week programs) mid-January mid-March
  mid-March mid-May
Summer Semester (6-week programs) mid-May late June
  early July mid-August
Fall Semester (8-week programs) mid-August mid-October
  mid-October mid-December

CESL Charges 8-week program 6-week program
Application Charge (non-refundable) $35.00 $35.00
Class Charge $1800.00 $1700.00
Activities Charge $30.00 $30.00
Other Costs to Students
Health Service - SIUC Health Service provides primary care and major medical insurance $150.00 $200.00
TOEFL Test Fee (per test) $25.00 $25.00
Recreation $54.50 $54.50
Books (average) $100.00 $100.00
Dormitory and Food $1000.00 $940.00
Apartments $250 - $500 per month
Incidental Costs Expenses for entertainment and incidentals amount to $35 - $50 per week for the average student.

* All costs are shown in U.S. dollars, and are subject to change without notice.
* The 6-week summer term classes meet one hour per day more than classes during the 8-week term.

The Center for English as a Second Language at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale We invite you to join us!

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About Southern Illinois University Carbondale

  • Ranks among the United States' most comprehensive universities
  • Recognized as one of the nation's premier research institutions
  • Serves approximately 21,500 students from more than 100 nations each year
  • Features nearly 200 academic programs, including 69 master's degree programs and 27 PhD programs
  • Offers highly-regarded professional degrees in law and medicine

Among Southern Illinois University Carbondale's academic programs: Agriculture, art, aviation, automotive technology, anthropology, business, cinema-photography, computer science, education, engineering, foreign language study, forestry, history, journalism, linguistics, music, political science, radio-television, social work, recreation, rehabilitation - just to mention a few. Click here to select your academic preferences.

To apply to the Graduate School at SIUC, please use

(Please note that the applications are in English.)
The Center for English as a Second Language at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Location: Carbondale, Illinois

Surrounded by forests, fields, lakes and bluffs, the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a regional nucleus of academic, creative and cultural endeavors. Most students enjoy outdoor hiking, boating, camping, baseball games, sports, and contact with the friendly people of southern Illinois. Bordered by a 270,000 acre national forest, the city of Carbondale was named The Best Small City in Illinois by Life in America's Small Cities.

Located in the Heartland region of the U.S.A., Carbondale has a population of about 30,000 people. Residents enjoy a low cost of living combined with easy access to major cities like St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Nashville.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Center for English as a Second Language at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. To learn more, review all of our programs and select the ones that interest you. Then complete the inquiry form, and we'll respond (in English) directly.