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The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee is located in the beautiful midwestern United States.
University of Wisconsin
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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North Central Association
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Amount Required on I-20:
4-week ESL Session:
US$ 2,375

8-week ESL Session:
US$ 4,315

16-week ESL Session:
US$ 7,465

US$ 28,816

Graduate Range:
US$ 32,726 - 37,157

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University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

About the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee: Learn more about UWM, which enrolls approximately 26,000 students with 800 international students, scholars and faculty representing nearly 80 countries. We invite you to join us!

  • Wisconsin's premier urban research university
  • Earned the highest ranking possible from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • One of two doctoral degree-granting institutions in the University of Wisconsin System
  • Classified as an extensive doctoral / research university by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  • Located in the cultural and economic heart of the state
  • Offers more than 120 undergraduate majors and sub-majors and more than 75 master's and doctoral degree programs in the following schools and colleges:
    • Architecture and Urban Planning
    • The Arts
    • Business Administration
    • Education
    • Engineering and Applied Science
    • Health Sciences
    • Information Studies
    • Social Welfare
    • Letters and Science
    • Nursing

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University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Intensive English Program at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee is an academically-oriented language program which serves an average of 100 students each semester, representing more than 35 countries and 20 different languages. Applicants need to have earned a high school degree to apply.

Students take English at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee for a variety of reasons, including:

  • to continue their education at an English-speaking institution
  • to advance their career
  • to improve English skills for personal enrichment

Five eight-week sessions are offered each calendar year: two eight-week sessions in the Fall and Spring, and one eight-week session in the Summer.

At the start of each session, students are given a set of language assessment tests, and then they are placed in groups with other students having similar English abilities. The Intensive English Program consists of four focused skill areas, or levels, and students spend most of their classroom time focusing on one of these skill areas.

Each student takes four hours of instruction Monday through Friday. The focus of these four hours varies according to the skill area in which the student is placed. The first three modules focus on listening comprehension; reading comprehension and vocabulary development; and the fundamentals of writing. . In the fourth level, Immersion, students concentrate on an advanced integration of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. For example, a student in the listening level will focus on improving listening comprehension for three hours each weekday. The fourth hour is an elective hour in which students can choose weekly courses on grammar, academic listening, cinema, pronunciation, to name a few, and students can choose at the start of each week which course best meets his/her language needs.

Students re-test every four weeks to advance to a higher level as indicated by their test scores, or the students continue in the same module if they need to continue practicing a particular language skill. As a part of instruction, students interact with visiting guest speakers and explore the community by going on field trips to places such as the local museums.

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For students planning to pursue undergraduate degrees at UW-Milwaukee: The undergraduate TOEFL requirement may be waived if students enrolled in the Intensive English Program meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of 16 consecutive weeks of study at the Immersion level
  • At least 85 percent overall attendance in all ESL classes
  • Positive overall assessment from three ESL Immersion instructors
  • Overall grade in Immersion level of B- or better

The Intensive English Program also provides a three-week advanced course taught during the first three weeks in August. This short August course provides instruction in advanced reading, writing, and speaking, and classes run for four hours each weekday. Students can enroll in this interim course to prepare for fall university classes or to further hone their English skills.

If English language students' TOEFL scores fall just below the TOEFL requirement for UW-Milwaukee for undergraduate university admission (63 - 72 on the Internet-based TOEFL), they may request dual admission, and enroll part-time in university courses and part-time in Intensive English Program courses. This offers students the possibility of starting their university study and working on their English language skills simultaneously. Dual admission is also available to students pursuing graduate degrees at UW-Milwaukee. Please check with the Graduate School about criteria.

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University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Extracurricular Activities: Outside of class time, there is a regular schedule of interesting and fun organized field trips. Students travel outside the city to nearby destinations such as Chicago, Madison, North Central Wisconsin to visit the sights and enjoy the state's natural beauty.

As the city of Milwaukee is located on Lake Michigan, there are several parks and areas within the city that students can visit. Also, students can participate in a variety of cultural activities such as visiting theaters, museums, or one of the many annual festivals.

The Intensive English Program also offers its students the opportunity to get to know native-English speaking students enrolled at the university through a Conversation Partner Program. In this program, English language students are paired with university students to practice speaking in English and to discover more about life in the United States.

In addition, two mornings each week students gather to share conversation and refreshments at the English Table. With an American moderator leading the discussion, students and U. S. university students enjoy talking about a wide range of current topics.

Facilities: In addition to classroom instruction, our students make use of the Language Resource Center (LRC), which contains computer laboratories as well as traditional language laboratory equipment. The LRC can be used with instructor assistance during elective hours, and students can borrow books from the book collection, which is also housed in this room. The LRC computer room is also available before and after scheduled class hours, which language students can readily use.

Deadlines and Term Start Dates: International applicants should apply to the university at least nine months before the semester in which they would like to enroll.

  Recommended Deadlines Term Start Dates
Fall Term 1 January 1st Week of September
Spring Term 1 September 2nd Week of January

Key Application Requirements for undergraduate and graduate students include:
( For detailed information about these requirements:

  • Completed Application: Apply online at
  • Fees
  • Educational Credentials (original and English translation)

Undergraduate Applicants: A TOEFL score of 520 (PBT), 190 (CBT), 73 (IBT), or IELTS 5.5 is required for undergraduates. Students who need additional English language instruction may be considered for conditional admission until the minimum English proficiency is attained.

Conditional Admission: UWM offers an intensive English (ESL) program as well as instructional support for enrolled students whose first language is not English. Undergraduate students can be admitted conditionally with a TOEFL score of less than 500 (CBT 173) (IBT 61) (or IELTS score of less than 5.5) and will enroll full-time ESL until proficiency meets part-time or full-time academic study requirements.

Dual Admission (Undergraduate): Students with a TOEFL from 500-517 (CBT 173-187) (IBT 63-72) will be permitted to begin part-time undergraduate studies while pursuing part-time ESL.

Graduate Applicants: A TOEFL score of 550 (PBT), 213 (CBT), 79 (IBT), or IELTS 6.5 is required. Applicants must also comply with academic department requirements for admission. Applicants wishing to be considered for research or teaching assistantships should contact the academic department directly. Please be advised that application deadlines for assistantships vary by academic department.

Dual Admission (Graduate): Graduate applicants scoring between 500-550 TOEFL (CBT 173-213) (IBT 73-79) and 5.5 or 6.0 IELTS may be admitted for part-time academic study while pursuing part-time ESL.

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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The Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) provides services to international students, including admission, international student orientation and advising, employment, and visa matters. Please e-mail with questions.

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin is situated in a prime setting on the shore of Lake Michigan. A thriving ethnically diverse metropolitan community of more than 500,000 people, Milwaukee offers a wealth of cultural resources and celebrates year-round arts and music festivals.

UWM is located in a quiet, safe, tree-shaded residential neighborhood. The neighborhood of historic houses is home to many professors, university staff and students, and is within a short walking distance from Lake Michigan and a large public park.

Especially for Parents: The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee offers a number of support services for students, including:

  • Academic Advisers help students develop and achieve their educational goals and effectively use the resources of the university
  • On-campus Health Center provides basic medical services and personal counseling for students enrolled at UWM
  • Information and Media Technologies Resource Center assists students with a variety of computer applications
  • Library staff members familiarize students with library collections, catalogs, reference resources, and research techniques
  • Athletic Facilities provide students with opportunities for recreation and exercise
  • Free public transportation and campus escort service keep students safe and avoid the expense of driving

We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee! To learn more, review all of our programs and select the ones that interest you. Then complete the inquiry form, and we'll respond to you directly.